Target market, how to identify it

The target market is the one that your company needs, and that you can identify as a priority for all your advertising campaigns, because in this way, it will become a safe buyer of your products or services.

Identifying what your target market is will allow you to evaluate the demand of your customers and be able to satisfy their needs, which will put you in the first place of their searches, so we propose an excellent technique to know who your target market is.


Focus on their age


It is very important that you consider the age of your customers, that is, to whom your products or services are directed. For example, if you sell children’s clothing, your potential customers are the little ones, but your target market is their parents, since they are the ones who really choose the clothes for their children.


Additionally, take into consideration the gender of your customers, and carry out campaigns based on it, since the color tones and phrases used in marketing go according to each audience, depending on the target market. 


Take your location into consideration


In general, the shopping habits of urban residents are largely different from those who live in rural areas, in addition, their schedules are really different, and even their shopping habits, so you must carry out a real study about which ones are your customers.


For example, retirement homes in Mexico are usually located in rural areas while it is easier to find an orthodontist in Tijuana in urban areas, so, without a doubt, you can be in contact with different types of clients according to your location.


Do a market analysis 


You can learn from this target audience by doing marketing analysis, both primary and secondary. The former refer to surveys, interviews and focus groups, while the secondary studies refer specifically to the quality of your products.


Reassess the offers 


When you have a customer profile, you should ask yourself how important it is that you present offers to your customers at least once a year. So, you have to look for which points may be of greater or less interest, and which images should give shape to these messages.


For example, in the case of retirement homes, you can put a discount on the costs of some months, for example, those that involve the celebrations of Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.


You must evaluate which products may be of greater interest to your target market and which ones may not, and accordingly, design everything that has to do with both face-to-face and digital marketing campaigns.


Also take into account the economic level of your target market. What kind of income should your customer have in order to buy your products? It is important that with this data you locate your ideal customer prospect, as this will help you focus which products you can launch, without a doubt you will focus your products better, and you will be very successful!