Services sought by people who want to stay healthy

The trend towards healthy living is increasing in the world, the habit of consuming processed foods and junk food is being reduced, and it is that people have become very aware of their health in recent years, consequently, the demand for services to maintain health is growing.

If you want to start a business that meets these needs, you have come to the right place, because today we are going to show you the services that people who want to stay healthy are looking for.


Dental health specialists: great news for you

One of the most visible signs of health are the teeth, and that is that having a perfect and whitened smile goes beyond a sign of self-care, but transcends and is part of our physical appearance, consequently, people seek, each again, to have healthy teeth.

In addition to tooth washing, one of the services most sought after by people who want to have healthy teeth is the Huggins protocol, that is, the removal of metallic amalgams from the teeth to replace them with resins that are more friendly to health and the environment. This is because traditional amalgams have a minimal percentage of mercury, which is poisonous.


Although this percentage, by joining with other metals such as tin, makes mercury harmless, people feel healthier without these amalgams, this is why a Huggins protocol dentist who wants to start a business, has profits and guaranteed income from the growing demand for these services.


Bariatric surgeries: an increasingly demanded service  

People who suffer from some type of overweight that has not been possible to reduce through diet or exercise, have been in the need to resort to medical procedures that reduce the size of the stomach so that they do not have a very large appetite and can lose weight, this is called bariatric surgery.


With the trends towards healthy, more and more individuals request this type of services, which are divided into two categories, bypass, where the stomach is reduced to the size of a walnut and with a capacity of less than 20 grams, and the gastric sleeve, where it is the size of a banana, having a less than normal capacity, but still allowing to eat a considerable amount of food.


Gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana is precisely one of the services that are increasingly demanded by people who decide to have a healthier life, since the city is recognized internationally as one of the capitals of bariatric surgery given the experience that professionals have with their studies abroad.


In addition, the city has also made merits with the testimony of many people who have undergone these procedures, achieving favorable results in a short time after recovery, which is why this service is in such great demand.