How can a company earn the customer’s trust?

Trust is the product of an emotional factor and a rational one, in which the customer tries your product for the first time, and if they have received adequate treatment, a product of excellent quality and, in addition, an after-sales service totally indicated for what the customer have bought, it is then that trust goes from being rational, to being emotional.

Gaining trust is not difficult, maintaining it, is what really has an art to learn, so there are new companies that gain customers quickly, but then change their purchase intention and return to the store or factory where they have bought all the life, to avoid this situation, apply these ways to win the trust of customers:

Transmit security

Trusting your own company first is one of the main points, so you and all your employees should know what they are talking about regarding your products, with a good amount of communication skills, but, in addition to this, your company produces that feeling of security if it is totally legal.

Having the permits established to function, in addition, with a name, address, telephone number, logo, is very important even if your services or products are sold online.

Even if you sell a product, or a service, such as senior care Mexico, transmitting security to your customers will be extremely important.


Honesty above all

Do not try to earn the customer’s trust by exaggerating the qualities of your product, always consider the good performance, highlighting the positive characteristics of your product or service, and if the person asks you about its disadvantages, tell them, always compared to more expensive products. In this way, the possible disadvantages of what you sell will be noted in relation to the cost factor.

Always fulfill the promises and proposed projects, also in the estimated time. If you have, for example, a bakery, the product that appears in the photo must be as the one received by the person, the result: a satisfied customer that will bring more customers.

This has been the case of the tummy tuck Tijuana, this is what has given the most success, because, when doctors are honest about the results, patients can decide whether or not they will make the decision to have surgery, and everything will turn out perfectly.


Payment facilities

When you give the customer payment facilities, that is, the practicality that he can pay with a credit, debit card, or in cash, it gives a lot of confidence, on the other hand, if you always ask for the payment to be in advanced, customers may distrust, particularly if no one answers the phone.

It is important that you always have a point of contact where the client can communicate with you directly, in this way, you will have good support, and you will gain the trust of your clients immediately.

Deliver on time

The product that you are going to deliver must be taken on the agreed day and time. If you can do it in advance, it will be fine, but never deliver a product over the agreed time, as this situation will create mistrust in the customer, and possibly bad comments that will harm you in the long run.